23 Jan, 2019

How to Floss your teeth

Today when I was taking a walk, a very old patient came across whom I treated around 3 years back. He specially came towards me and thanked me because at that time when he came to me he was highly frustrated and had seen many doctors who gave him many different suggestions. Somehow he was not satisfied.

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22 Jan, 2019

Stages of Gum Disease

It is always said,
Rome was not built in a day.

This applies almost everywhere , even when we talk about teeth.
Gum disease is the biggest example for it. It is never like gum disease happens in a days…

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20 Jan, 2019

What Causes Cavities

The most common problem that most people come with to a dental clinic is CAVITIES.

So what are Cavities?

Cavities are the permanantly damaged tooth structure that causes because…

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