Advance Technology

3D Digital Impression Scanning

Since years, patients had to undergo the tedious procedure of impression taking for getting their prosthesis done.
Though there have been a lot many advances in impression materials but still the procedure has been the same.

But now we have taken the digital route, which captures tooth structure in exquisite three-dimensional (3D) detail.

We provide enhanced experience of digital impression at STAVAN - The Dental and Maxillofacial Clinic.

Advantages of digital impression taking
  • No Gag reflex
  • No tedious experience of impression material
  • Get digital accuracy and limit manual errors
  • Enjoy easy impression taking and reduced retakes
  • Improves Patients experience

Advance Technology


Endodontic instrumentation has advanced significantly in recent years with a range of powered rotary and reciprocating systems that can make a root canal treatment easier to perform.

Rotary endodontics involves an electrically powered instrument called an endomotor which is basically needed for Root canal treatments.

Advantages of Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontic methods offer several advantages over manual root canal treatments:

Faster treatment (often in one appointment);

Patients feel much more comfortable during the treatment;

More reliable;

No unpleasant noises;

More precision (the flexibility of instruments allows a better negotiation of curved canals);

Higher quality treatments (more consistent).

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